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 Certificate of completion

 A chance to win 1-on-1 mentorship from a coach 

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Goal Of The Program

Helping you ace the job hunt, and providing expert guidance on resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, networking, and interviews!

Module 1: Resumes

Using the right keywords, building an impactful template, and designing a stand-out resume.

Module 2: Cover Letters

Writing and editing a professional pitch that will grab attention, and get you that job interview.

Module 3: LinkedIn 

Optimising your profile, creating content, and applying for jobs that suit your profile.

Module 4: Networking

Seeking mentors and connections to make a fool-proof network for long-term career growth.

Module 5: Job Hunt Strategy

Presenting yourself as the perfect candidate using powerful words, answers, and body language.


Who should join this program?

Freshers who find themselves stumbling through the job hunt without finesse or confidence, and those who want to switch careers but need industry insight to make a mark.

You are unsure or confused about resumes, portfolios, cover letters, and so on.

You feel lost while browsing jobs and networking on LinkedIn.

You need help with interviews, offer letters, and salary negotiations.

You want to perfect your job application so that you can get your dream job.

Your 9-Day Action Plan

Always-On Learning

Daily Videos & Tips

Ask-Me-Anything Sessions

Bonus Downloadables

2 Worksheets

2 Checklists

3 In-Depth Guides

All assignments and pre-recorded content will be available in the private group 24x7. Log in anytime to access and participate!

What You Get

Bootcamp to get ready for your dream job

12-month membership of PowerPass


Module 6: Interviews

Building your personal brand and leveraging it for better job opportunities and career-building.

Bootcamp to get ready for your dream job


12-month membership of PowerPass

Bootcamp to get ready for your dream job


12-month membership of PowerPass


Just for ₹1999/-

Just for ₹1999/-

Meet The Experts

Raj Lakshmee

Startup Mentor at Kool Kanya

Bootcamp to get job-ready


12-month membership of PowerPass

Just for ₹ 1999/-


Get access to a comprehensive curriculum‌ that ‌consists‌ ‌of‌ ‌workshops,‌ ‌downloadable worksheets,‌ ‌in-depth guides, tips that will help you craft an impactful job application, and finally apply for jobs at the GetWork job fair.

GetWork Job Fair

Exclusive jobs openings that
only the Bootcamp participants and PowerPass
members can apply for

1. Do you have to be seeking jobs in a certain field to register for the program?

No, anyone from any field is welcome to register for this program, as it will benefit everyone who wishes to improve their job applications. However, the program is aimed at fresh graduates, first-time job applicants, or individuals looking for new trends in recruitment to apply for jobs after a long break.

2. Is the Job Prep Bootcamp a paid program?

Yes, this is a paid program. 

3. How is this program different from the hundreds available online?

Most programs do not go beyond basic skilling. But at Kool Kanya, we want to help you do more than that. We want you to craft an awesome job application, get a job, and build a career you love!

Kool Kanya Job Prep Bootcamp

  • Interactive sessions taught by live instructors on Zoom

  • Actionable curriculum designed to help you build an impactful job application that creates opportunities

  • Live skill-building classes + worksheets + Q&A + in-depth guides

  • Job application guidance from seasoned HR professionals & career coaches

Other Job Application Courses

  • Pre-recorded classes with no interaction

  • Flat, non-actionable curriculum padded with tips & tricks

  • PPTs with hundreds of slides and no opportunity to apply learnings

  • Mostly theory without feedback

4. What is the time commitment that is required from this course?

This program needs a time commitment of 2 hours every day, but you can learn at your own pace as recordings of live sessions will be available. However, we urge you to join the sessions at the given time slot and complete the assignments during the program to make the most out of the experience. The timings for the workshops are in the day-by-day schedule given above.

5. What if I miss one or more sessions? Will recordings be available?

Yes. All the live Zoom workshops will be recorded and available to you with lifetime access.

6. Where will I be able to access assignments and videos?

While half the program will be conducted on Zoom, the other half will be held on the Kool Kanya Community in a private group. To access videos, assignments, and recordings of the workshops, you will have to sign up to the Kool Kanya Community and log in every day.

7. Will you provide a physical or an electronic copy of the certificate?

A printable copy of the certificate will be emailed to you, so you can print it out if you wish to

Abhijit Bhaduri

Founder & CEO, Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates

Ashi Singhal

Piyush Arya 

Nisha Harbola

You also get exclusive early access to jobs and opportunities at GetWork, Kool Kanya’s online job fair!

10 / 08

Resume Building 101

11 / 08

Designing An Impactful Resume

12 / 08

Crafting Your Cover Letter

13 / 08

How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

14 / 08

Networking For Long-Term Success

Interview Hacks For Beginners

16 / 08

Professional Branding For Freshers

17 / 08

Exclusive Early Access To GetWork Job Fair

15 / 08

How HR Hires

Zoom Sessions & AMAs

Personal Branding Strategist

Neha Pant Tewari

Founder, Your Success story





Zoom Sessions





Days of Job Fair

HR Consultant &  Ex-McKinsey


Designing An Impactful Resume

Professional Branding For Freshers

Chief Growth Officer, Augnito

Resume Building 101

How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

Interview Hacks For Beginners

Shilpa Laharwal

Crafting The Perfect Cover Letter

Founder, Career Faktor

How To Respond To A Job Offer

Aarti Nagpal 

Associate Vice President & Head of HR, Digitas India

What HR Is Looking For

I attended the session with Shilpa Laharwal and found it super helpful. My conversation with her really opened up a lot of insights for me about my existing profile and she told me the 'why' behind everything she told me to try out!

Rashmi Nagendran

I was alien to a lot of things related to my Resume and Linkedin account. Kool Kanya events helped me through it and explained all the things very well. It was a great experience and worth every penny.

Tanushree Kadhao

Thank you Kool Kanya for giving me the opportunity to attend this session. It was awesome and the insights gave me the confidence to start fresh in the job search market. I would like to suggest people to definitely give it a shot!

Haritha HCD

An ISB graduate, Piyush is passionate about Startups, Healthcare Technology, and Talent Development for holistic growth of organizations. A strategic and innovative leader, he understands which values to prioritise to foster lasting business relationships.

Raj is a Design Thinking Evangelist and a Product Innovator, passionate about helping home-made brands grow and flourish. She is also the founder of the award-winning, US-based social enterprise, Satellite Shelter, which provides portable housing for extreme winter conditions.

Being a certified career coach is only one of the hats Shilpa wears. A Resume Writer, an HR Strategist, a LinkedIn & SOP Writer and a Career Story Builder, she is dedicated to helping people create more fulfilling careers

With an experience of 15+ years in HR, Aarti excels at Business Partnering, Talent Management, and Fostering High Performance Culture that brings out the best in people. This has given her insights into how HR hires and what recruiters are looking for.

Ashi is an expert at helping people develop their personal branding via LinkedIn. In the last one year, she's trained people at ISB, IIT Bombay, SRM Chennai, SIT Pune, and others to create their personal brands for long-term career growth. 

Neha is a corporate warrior turned Behavioural Trainer and a UC Berkeley certified NLP practitioner and Happiness Coach. She works in areas of Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology, which she uses to train students and young professionals about to begin their first jobs.

Abhijit Bhaduri is a human relations expert, an executive coach to several CEOs and business leaders, a brand evangelist for Society for Human Resources Management and a global social media influencer for Adobe. A LinkedIn Top Voice 2020, his articles have featured in the Economic Times, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and People Matters, to name a few.

Nisha specialises in the field of Compensation and Benefits (C&B) and has twelve years of corporate experience on the subject. She has worked with McKinsey, Mercer Consulting and Honeywell, and now works as a freelancer. In her last corporate role, she led C&B across Asia Pacific for a Honeywell business.

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9-day program to get ready, get set & land your dream job! 

// Smriti Handa

Global Talent Acquisition Director, Reckitt

Learn How To:

Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile

Design Impressive Cover Letters

Make Resumes That Generate Leads

Network For Long-Term Growth

Ace Every Interview

Build A Job Hunt Strategy

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