how to create VIRAL content and grow your TRIBE


with other influencers and market yourself as an EXPERT


by collaborating with BRANDS and through sponsorship


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Key highlights of the program

Aspiring creators


Fashion designers

Fashion graduates

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Talent agencies





Social media experts

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Content creation and promotion

Audience tracking

Collaboration and negotiation

5 sessions with a 
panel of influencers

Representation by Big Bang

20+ hours of learning

10 industry experts

 11-31 Jan  


15 Live sessions



Start your handle . Be the boss

✓ Finding your NICHE

✓ Developing a content strategy & LEVERAGING TRENDS

✓ Using apps like FACETUNE, VSCO, & CANVA

✓ Creation of your MEDIA KIT

✓ How to plan a CONTENT CALENDAR



✓ Amplifying reach and EARNING THROUGH ROPOSO

Learn from the experts

 From the platforms

Part 1: Building skills
11th-19th January

SESSION  1 | JAN 11 | Diksha Sharma

Conclusion of part 1: Assessment
Objective MCQ - 20 questions

Part 2: Connecting and collaborating
20th-25th January

Diksha Sharma

Fortune 500 marketer & social media influencer

Expertise: Starting out on Instagram, social media and collaborations 

Tarini Manchanda

Kajal Kothari

Anushree Rauta

Nirjhar Bhattacharjee

Wondering “why this course on Kool Kanya”?

 We spend months planning each course to bring to you the best learning opportunities.

 We’re the best in business. Our exponential growth in the last year is testimony to that.

 You get access to industry experts, who share the industry trends, real-life examples and things one can only learn on the job.

 We cover nuances like legal along with skill-based themes.

 The average rating for our bootcamps and workshops is 4+ (out of 5) with many events getting the perfect score.

 Our programs are comprehensively designed you you learn through live sessions, guides, Q&A, worksheets and templates.

Who is this for

Social media influencer & Founder, Initial Studio

Expertise: Styling, design, aesthetics, and marketing

Fashion & food blogger, Roposo influencer 

Expertise: Cross-platform integration

Founder, CEO, & Consulting strategist at Decibel Media House

Expertise: Branding and driving growth for influencers

Founder of IPRMENTLAW, and Partner at ANM Global

Expertise: Media and entertainment (law)

Dhruv Prakash

Fashion & Beauty photographer

Expertise: Shoots for social media influencers

Building your profile & niche ▾Developing your content strategy ▾

SESSION  2 | JAN 12 | Sharin Bhatti

Planning a content calendar ▾

SESSION 3 | Jan 13 | Gauri Ratnam

SESSION 4 | JAN 14 | Tarini Manchanda

Reels, videos, & captions ▾Setting a visual identity ▾

SESSION 5 | Jan 17 | Riddhima Arora

Testing your skills ▾

SESSION 6 | Jan 18 | Kool Kanya Experts

Increasing reach & gaining new followers ▾

SESSION 7 | Jan 19 | Debarati Roy

Collaborating with brands ▾

SESSION 8 | Jan 20 | Diksha Sharma

Collaborating with agencies ▾

SESSION 10 | Jan 22 | Anushree Rauta

Setting contract terms ▾

SESSION 9 | Jan 21 | Debarati Roy

Earning through Roposo ▾

SESSION 11 | Jan 25 | Kajal Kothari

Creating the right looks for your Instagram handle ▾

Masterclass 1 | Jan 26 | Tarini Manchanda

Learn from her: How to build your profile and collaborate with brands

Learn from her: How to create engaging (fashion) content

Learn from her: How to maximise reach using different platforms

Learn from him: How to set targets and collaborate with agencies

Learn from her: Key pointers in reading and drafting an MOU

Learn from him: How to frame and shoot for social media

Gayatri Solanki

Deputy marketing manager & PR at Label Ritu Kumar

Expertise: Brand marketing and strategising

Learn from her:  How to work with brands as a fashion influencer

Riddhima Arora

Gauri Ratnam

Sharin Bhatti


Masterclass 2 | Jan 27 | Dhruv Prakash

Taking expert level photos with your Smartphone ▾

Masterclass 3 | Jan 28 | Gayatri Solanki

Step by step guide on working with Brands ▾

Masterclass 4 | Jan 29 | Dhruv Chitgopekar

How do agencies work & select Influencers? ▾

Masterclass 5 | Jan 31 | Kajal Kothari

All you need to know to succeed on ROPOSO ▾

Part 3: Masterclasses
26th-31st January


₹ 10,000   ₹6999/-

₹ 10,000   ₹6999/-


₹ 10,000   ₹6999/-

Course Breakdown 

Upcoming workshops

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Reasons to become an Influencer in 2022

The total size of the creator economy is estimated to be over $100 billion and it is expected to grow further.

 78 percent of marketing leaders employed influencer marketing in 2020.

Meta launched a $150 million initiative to train the next generation of creators to build immersive educational content

▸ Karat Financial, a bank for creators, raised $26 million in their Series A round of funding.

▸ Inspired by Twitch and Tiktok, now YouTube, Instagram and Twitter also give you the option to tip the creators for their content. 

Each event is designed for 
women, by women

Meet the experts in the fields that you wish to pursue and learn from them

Most events rated 4+ out of 5 with some events getting the perfect score of 5!

200+ live events hosted in collaboration with 150+ experts and over 30,000 attendees

Get your queries answered 
by the course experts or the Kool Kanya Community

Build credibility with a certificate upon completing a course or attending a workshop

Connect with a community of like-minded women, at various stages of their career and grow with them.

200+ live events hosted in collaboration with 150+ experts and 
over 30,000 attendees

Most events rated 4+ out of 5 with 
some events getting the perfect score of 5!

Each event is designed for 
women, by women

Meet the experts in the fields that you wish to pursue and learn from them

Get your queries answered by 
the course experts or the Kool Kanya Community

Build credibility with a certificate 
upon completing a course or attending 
a workshop

Connect with a community of like-minded women, at various stages of their career and grow with them.

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Love For Kool Kanya Programs

The session with Diksha was very helpful in understanding Instagram as a medium for content creation. Got to learn the pros and cons of various modes in IG and basics about brand collaborations.

Nimisha Saxena

Build a career as a Video Content Creator

Learning from Rochelle was a delight! Right down to the tiny details shared by Rochelle on observation! There was a lot to take away even as a person working into content.

Pooja Varde

Build a career as a Content Writer

A wonderful session by Kushal, really appreciate the explanations and handy tips given in between, from personal lessons learnt made it very relatable. Thank you so much!

Chrisbel Dsouza

Excel 2.0

Smartphone photography masterclass

A course by 
Dhruv Praksh

Learn how to click pro-level shots with your smartphone

BUY THIS AT ₹750/-

Jan 27 | 2022 
5-7 p.m. on Zoom

Acing brand collaborations

A course by 
Gayatri Solanki

Learn how to leverage your position as an influencer/brand in any collab

BUY THIS AT ₹750/-

Jan 28 | 2022 
5-7 p.m. on Zoom

Making money with Roposo

A course by 
Kajal Kothari

Learn how to get on the platform and make it work for you

BUY THIS AT ₹750/-

Jan 31 | 2022 
5-7 p.m. on Zoom

Style that slays: Tips to level up your IG game

A course by 
Tarini Manchanda

Learn to create the right looks for your social media

Jan 26 | 2022 
5-7 p.m. on Zoom

BUY THIS AT ₹750/-

Debarati Roy

Leading Social media and influencer activation at Ritu Kumar Brands

Expertise: Brand activation, campaign strategy, influencer outreach

Learn from her:  How to increase your reach, gain followers and collaborate with agencies

Dhruv Chitgopekar

Co-Founder Collective Artists Network and COO BigBang.Social

Expertise: Brand building and marketing strategy

Learn from him:  How to work with an agency to make the most of influencer marketing opportunities