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Diksha Sharma

Marketer with a Fortune 500 company through the week, social media influencer by the weekend, Diksha believes in living life to the fullest. Epicurean at heart, gypsy foot through and through, she portrays her love for all things fashion, travel, and food through her social media. She is very passionate about women-led/owned projects and has a long-term goal of helping women make independent investment decisions.

as a video content creator

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Social Media Influencer | 236k Followers 

20-22 // October



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2 Live sessions

AMA with Diksha Sharma


About the expert

3-Day action plan

During these 3 days, you’ll learn how to ideate, build your own voice as a video creator and get paid for it.

Day 1

Content ideation, creation and organization

20th Oct | 6:00 pm on Zoom

How to work on content ideation: Developing a brand voice & identity

Periodicity: How often to post, how to plan, what time to post etc.

Who is a video influencer: How to do it professionally

How to make imagery work: Cover photos & other content to increase follower count

Day 2

Monetizing on social media platforms, growth and sustainability

Cross promoting on social media

Where can you upload videos

How to optimise platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Increasing engagement and building a loyal subscriber base

How to monetise content on YouTube & Instagram

Re-purposing content and monetizing in many places

How to collaborate with brands and price your work

21 Oct | 6:00 pm on Zoom

Day 3

AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session With Diksha Sharma

22 Oct | Saturday

Ask your questions regarding creating videos, becoming an influencer and monetising your content.

This Bootcamp is for

Why we host women-only events

To help women break into male-dominated careers

To promote themes and careers that interest women from different backgrounds

To widen the scope of what a career can be - remote work with flexible hours, side hustles, freelance and full-time jobs

To create a safe, judgement-free learning platform

This is the best community I have been a part of where people talk about ideas, sisterhood is obeyed like a ritual, and where different boot camps, and workshops are done with experts.

Kool Kanya claims to be here to create the workforce of the future. They sure are and I am positive that they will continue to do so. Elated to be a part of this space!

It has been 4 months since I hopped on to the Kool Kanya brigade and it has been an excellent journey.
Their team is extremely helpful and is always ready to guide members, right from skill development to finding employment.

- Nimisha Saxena

- Pooja Varde

- Apoorva Sharma

Love For Kool Kanya Programs

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Learn how to:

Ideate engaging content buckets

Launch your video content career

Make money creating video content

 Diksha Sharma

Video content creators

Social media influencers

Content managers


Digital Marketers

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